Potluck Dinner Ideas

A gathering where a group or each member brings a dish or food which is to be shared among the people attending the dinner is the Potluck Dinner

In our busy schedules, these potluck dinners are ideal. This type of dinner promises a meal of diverse foods. It can also initiate conversations among people as it is seen that a person is always interested to know what and how the other person has cooked his dish.


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Potluck Dinner Ideas

Generally, potluck means that everyone brings the dish of his own liking however this may sometimes result in an unorganized dinner like having a Chinese salad with a Mexican main course. Here are a few potluck dinner ideas, which would help you in having a great and enjoyable dinner together.


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Potluck Dinner Ideas – Invitation

Before sending out invitations, please be sure of the theme. This would help your guests to decide what to cook.

Here are the necessary points which need to be mentioned in the invitation cards:





Dish type (appetizer, main course, salad, etc.)

Quantity ( Number of people attending the party)


Make sure that you send the invitation cards 2 – 3 weeks before the party date.


Select a Theme

By selecting a theme your potluck party can become organized. However, you must keep in mind that you should not use your guests as a restaurant. So give them a number of options to choose from. You can choose from various themes:

Ethnic theme:
You can follow a particular theme like the whole menu is from the Italian dishes. You can have Italian bread, pizza, tiramisu, polenta, etc.

Movie night theme
You can plan to watch a movie before or after the dinner and your dishes can be based on that movie.

Special ingredients:
You can also give a list of fixed ingredients to your guests to prepare the dishes out of them.

Multicourse Meal:
This can be the easiest one. You can assign different course to individuals like you can ask your one friend to make appetizers, another to make the side dish, etc.


Potluck Dinner Ideas Movietogether


Plan Out Everything

Make sure that no two people bring the same dish as so must aim at the variety after all this is what potluck dinners are meant for.

Ask your guests not to bring the food in large amounts as nobody is going to have a particular dish in excess. Since the number of dishes is more so eating only one dish is not going to occur. However, an extraordinary tasty dish is an exception.


Don’t overlook the arrangement of beverages.


Points to remember

  •  Take out the platters, spoons, forks in advance. Don’t expect your guests to bring their cutleries with them.
  • Try preparing all the dishes in advance.
  • If you are attending a potluck dinner then try preparing such a dish, which is easy to carry to the host’s venue.


Potluck dinner ideas – recipes

  •  You don’t need to make fancy dishes to make your party happening. Dishes coming down from generations to generations are the most preferred ones.
  • You can opt for the traditional potluck menu which includes chili, casseroles, salads, breads and bar cookies.

However, if you are on look out of a new recipe for your potluck dinner, here we have some excellent collection to lead you to potluck fame. (Click on the links below to find nearly the same recipe of the dish). 

Potluck Dinner Ideas Appetizers



 Marinated Shrimps

 Stuffed Herb Filled Mushrooms

 Pork spring rolls


 Smoked chicken mini pizzas


Main Course

 Grilled chicken with thyme n lemon

 Penne pasta with bacon

 Chicken lasagna

 Mexican chili

 Italian meatloaf


Potluck Dinner Ideas Sidedish


Side Dishes

 Cold potato salad

 Chickpea salad

 Braised broccoli with garlic

 Sautéed asparagus



 Apple pie with fresh cream

 Dark chocolate almond cake

 Bread pudding

Potluck Dinner Ideas Desserts

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